Real Weddings: Natalia + Bobby

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Alternative Wedding Photographer Matt ParryWho better to guide you through your wedding experience than brides and grooms that have just been through the whole process themselves?!

We would like to thank Natalia + Bobby for sharing their special day with us. Their magical day is beautifully captured by incredible alternative wedding photographer, Matt Parry (Matt Parry Photography), whom we would like to thank for letting us use these photos.

Here are Natalia’s Top Tips…

The style of my wedding was…
Country house chic, with rustic charm

My colour scheme was…
Deep purple, with hints of soft vintage pink and cream

From Bride to Bride/Groom…
Keep your vision clear, don’t compromise on the things that count
All your suppliers will recommend things to you- which you will appreciate, however, make sure you don’t end up agreeing because you don’t want to be impolite or because it doesn’t fit with their style. Technically, you did choose them for their style, and you are paying them for their expertise, but, nonetheless make sure it’s what you truly want at the end of the day.

Take your time with your venue

Once engaged, there is a bit of mad panic to get the ball rolling. In order to get the ball rolling, this means you have to pick a date and in order to pick a date, you need a venue. So, this puts a LOT of pressure on picking your venue asap. I wish I had taken more time, not that I have any regrets over our venue, but in hindsight, I perhaps wish the experience had been more personal at times. I wish there could have been more flexibility with things like corkage and ‘getting ready’ time at the venue. At times, I felt that I was just another bride in a factory line of Brides at the venue. On the day of our wedding, the previous Bridal party were still cleaning up as my party arrived.

I couldn’t live without…
My Wedding Journal, I carried it everywhere and used it every day!

I am so pleased that we….
Made as many parts of the wedding personally. I just loved the personal touches that me and my family made/contributed to on our big day. My Mother and Sister made my beautiful wedding cake, I made our favours (marshmallows in jars) etc, all across our day there were these touches that we had made in the weeks leading up to the wedding and they were so very special  to me.

Recommended time to plan a wedding…
9 months -1 year

Most Useful Wedding Planning websites and Apps…

Best moment of the day:
It was truly the happiest day of my life. I’m grinning ear to ear in all my photos and that’s so true, because I loved every moment.

We almost forgot…
The legal side of things! Make sure you give notice to your local registrar.

Best purchase…
Our wedding video. It was a last minute purchase, I had to fight my husband for it (!). It’s nothing fancy, but whilst my photos are a beautiful memento of our wedding, with the video, I get to relive every moment.

Favourite Supplier…
Creationery Stationary, I found Katy on Etsy and she could not have been more helpful. She was so accommodating, nothing was ever too much for her and she was so reasonable.All in all it was a wonderful service and I was so happy with the results.

Don’t worry about…
The dress. I was worried that my dress was too poofy, but I knew that I loved it, so I wish I hadn’t worried so much! Try on as many styles as you can, what I thought I wanted and what I ended up with were completely different. Choose one that makes you feel amazing! This is all that matters.

Look forward to…
Everything. Savour every minute. The day goes by in a whirlwind, so make sure you take moments throughout the day to realise that you are living the best day of your life.

Alternative Wedding Photographer Matt Parry

Here is a list of Natalia’s wedding suppliers…

Venue/Catering: Offley Place, Hitchin, Herts
Makeup: St Albans Hair + Makeup, St Albans, Herts
Photographer: Matt Parry Photography
Floristry: Perfect Moment, St Albans, Herts
Dress: Sassi Holford
Grooms/Groomsmen: Waterers Tailors, St Albans, Herts
Stationary: Creationary, found on
Favours: Homemade
Cake: Homemade

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